EA works on one broker, doesnt on another
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Thread: EA works on one broker, doesnt on another

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    EA works on one broker, doesnt on another

    Hello, I added an indior written with the support of a source I'm not going to mention because folks may see it as commercial intentions.
    I composed this indior to do the following:

    1. Ontrade close assess how shut take profit
    2. If take profit delete current open pending orders

    So once my current market order hits its TP, all remaining pending orders must close.
    The code is working because I have tested this on multiple brokers. One of them is FXCM presentation and it works fine.

    However, on my reside Pepperstone account this doesn't work as intended. The ontrade close assess how shut take profit if make profit works fine but it doesn't delete current open pending orders for some reason.

    What's is that this indior works on FXCM although maybe not on Pepperstone? I contacted Pepperstone and they had no clue, suggested me to contact the author of the EA. He claims its ECN ready so if you understands more... last but not least I am NOT getting any error messages whatsoever within my journal. Help is much appreciated. Thanks.

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    The broker can alter the comment. Can you alter the logic to assess whether the order closed in profit rather?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Only the broker can alter the remark. Can you change the logic to check whether the order closed in profit rather?
    Yeah, I am looking for some workaround right now. Attempting to execute a trigger after x number of pips rather than a TP close. Lets see if it will work, cheers.

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    And ofcourse that this doesnt freaking work on Pepperstone yet again, but operates on other brokers. Pepperstone eliminates the pending orders right away, even when the TP is 200 pips away from being hit. 1pip space is the trigger, not 200pips.

    What's this shit with all EA logic failing on Pepperstone. I did not had complaints about them yet but when it comes to EA its an absolute mess. Been experimenting, researching for 3 days and with no consequences in any way.

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    I now know the cause. It isn't labeling the remarks properly. While FXCM shows [tp] and [sl] in its comment section, pepperstone doesn't.
    Is there a seperate EA / option available to label closed trades at the remark section of MT4?

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