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Thread: EA to collect data each millisecond , not just when Ticks occur

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    You are able to use a tick sender program, like this one:

    http://www.forexmt4.com/Windows prog...nder-Setup.exe

    Basically it allow mt4 eas act like if there's a tick, every x milliseconds (in the appliions you choose every how many milliseconds allow mt4 belive that there's a tick motion ), for this you can just compose an ea that compose stats on a file and it'll be executed every millisecond if you would like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    and xlr8, yes that is achieved from the range bar and renko progr using PostMessage( proper code )
    (don't recall the code)
    hello ken.... Yes it's the postmessage I had on my head.... Postmessage is something I use often but not incoporated it in an ea to bring to life a different dormant ea and force action....

    Was half tempted to mention you or zznbrm as possible candidates...h

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    Hayseed and xlr8, yes that is done from the range pub and renko progr using PostMessage( proper code here)
    (do not recall the code)

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    Hey xlr8er.... You've produced a very interesting and wide varity of tasks these past 8 months.... Most people only need to color a pub blue or red....


    you might have the ability to write the values to global variables where time was a variable.... Then attach it to each symbol, not just the ones included and update the variables if time had past since last update....

    In this instance you would be using every tick from each symbol to update the values.... They may step on each other.... Would have to give it more thought....

    Not certain if this would help though.... The trade producing ea can't take an action till a tick comes in any way, so not certain if there would be some technical benefit....


    and this has crossed my mind before.... I think it's possible for any tick out of any pair to force update any ea attached to any other pair....

    My ideas were to force update some of the intense graphical dashboards more frequently but I do think this could be hard to carry out any actions....

    Another words, any ea attached to any pair might have the ability to force a'dormant' or'tickless' ea attached to another pair to preform any actions for example sending orders...h

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    How I'd approach it
    two ) Script - run on almost any chart.

    ... do forever
    ... look at GlobalVariableget(symbol1,time)
    ... look at GlobalVariableget(symbol1,price)
    ... look at GlobalVariableget(symbol1,quantity )
    ... look at GlobalVariableget(symbol9,time)
    ... look at GlobalVariableget(symbol9,price)
    ... look at GlobalVariableget(symbol9,quantity )
    do the compares and make big choices here.
    Send and handle orders
    Sleep(1 millleey minute or not ) // Requires CPU, so buy a quick one

    EA: Run on every emblem desired:
    Every tick, (ie start)
    GlobalVariableSet(symbolx,quantity )
    not much to it.

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    I had been hoping there could be an easier way to do it than simply exporting it first, thanks a lot Lots of programming work ahead for me haha JOY Ill try my best to follow your directions.

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    Yes, but not practical. Some options:
    1) Utilize a script. Every milisecond look at the data with MarketInfo. Very CPU intensive.
    2) Utilize a capture EA on every symbol. Fires whan a tick is received for that emblem, send that info to a script that triggers every milisecond.
    3) Use Excel DDE. Fires when a tick is received from whichever symbol sent it. Do your analysis here, send the orders back to MT4.
    All awkward, but doable.
    Ps: I'm assuming here that you mean using MT4. To get realtime analysis get a live data feed such as esignal.

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