automatic martingale simple EA?
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Thread: automatic martingale simple EA?

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    Hello is there an EA that when for example if I were to place an order it would place the same order dimension 10 pips off from where I entered however many times I want repeatedly. So for example I buy at 1.2510 there will be pending buys at 1.2500 1.2490 1.2480 1.2470. I know what I am asking for. Is there a script that does this?

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    Hello justin7 I am sorry to providing you and again same links 4 occasions. Please check now.

    kosmo ask
    BeLikeWater made Script
    kosmo request for change
    Altered script
    here is the EA which I ask

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hello I'm sorry to giving you again and again same hyperlinks 4 times. Please check today. Regards, Moti kosmo request BeLikeWater made Script kosmo request for modifiion Modified script
    hmm I dont think this is exactly what I need. This is the situation:

    - buy order is opened on eur/usd in 1.2300

    I want pending buy limits spread out apart at 10 pips every interval below the initial order that I open for yet many orders that I set

    - impending buy limits would be put in 1.2290 1.2280 1.2270 1.2260 1.2250 1.2240 for many intervals are selected. Is there a script similar to this?

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    Hello justin7 Please check one under this link.


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    I think that it's too old for the new mt4 it will not load

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    Hello justin7 I got you in my record please try this one. THIS IS SCRIPT


    Also check the link below

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hi I got you in my record please try this one. THIS IS SCRIPT Regards, Moti Also check the link below file
    it will not load on the new mt4

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    I don't understand why you are not able to load, so I am using MT4 build 745
    Window XP and all are working perfect with me. I think may you are using other form of window that is causing the problem.


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    Does anybody have an EA that can do so? The one you posted just send many orders in the current price I presume. I would like pending orders disperse out

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