View Full Version : Stop Hunting?

09-19-2005, 04:23 PM
In the past 15 minutes I have stopped out of a trade...and I am a bit confused.

I have 3 distinct live feeds...the only feed that went into my quit, was my agents. Another two feeds didn't get to 5 pips of this amount. My agents feed instantly spiked down to my stop...then went back up to another amounts, where it's now.

My question would be...do they do anything so obvious? It does not look like my 3 mini. I was astonished it spiked down to my stop, then back up. My agent is RJO'brien, I can not imagine a firm would do anything like this. I have heard of quit searching before...however, I have never actually been convinced it is as common as some state.

I figure that I just need confirmation that I'm only being a bit paranoid https://www.cliqforex.com/attachments/forex1508867137.png