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  1. is it a game or job?anyone makes his living by forex?
  2. Graveyard shift PST
  3. Straddles On News
  4. 5% per day is achievable
  5. Graduates vs non-grads in trading
  6. Information For Beginners
  7. Trading vs gambling
  8. Show me the money!!!!
  9. ? about: Fed adds reserves via 5-day system repurchases
  10. Looking for a commnt of traders chart for the Eur/Usd
  11. Is this true?
  12. Forward Testing Discussion Thread
  13. Curious...
  14. Majors Thread: EUR, USD, GBP, JPY
  15. Broker/MM/ Internet Connectivity
  16. VTTrader: Cms
  17. where can I find a list of interest rates for pairs?
  18. Book Wanted: Trading For A Living
  19. How good/reliable are Forex eBooks?
  20. VTTrader: Bugs, Problems and Suggestions
  21. Putting Together a Business Plan, by Linda Raschke
  22. VTTrader: Indicator Discussions for VT Trader
  23. Time analysis - quotthe other half of the picturequot
  24. Money Management exercise
  25. Would this work?
  26. Market View
  27. What session do you watch for 4hr signals?
  28. Feelings about CPI
  29. Lost...?
  30. Pin Bars.
  31. How come nobody likes to share?
  32. Buy-Sell Signal Works 86% of the time....
  33. Aud Gdp
  34. Canada Employment Report
  35. Technical Analysis and a few charts to ponder
  36. Heads Up: CHF Rate Hike (Sep 14)
  37. Asian Session Fear
  38. NFP 10/6
  39. Why do you trade?
  40. Historical chart to track historical news events.
  41. Am I ready to go live?
  42. What actually works.
  43. NZD retail sales
  44. Short term trading
  45. Amazing Trading Stories!!!
  46. Andrews Pitchfork
  47. Trading with Fibs...and Targets...!
  48. CHINA is selling the dollar
  49. $ For the Week of 11/13-With Trade Ideas
  50. BatFink Trading Strategy
  51. Aud/usd
  52. $ vs other majors - Where do we go from here?
  53. 35 pip spike on majors?
  54. Okay, did a another insurance company buy another couple hundred million EUR??
  55. is this a pin bar formation
  56. trade simulator
  57. Futures do folow the forex with delay on vaions time
  58. Gauging future interest rates with fed treasury supply
  59. Reliable Statistics about Forex
  60. Hedging
  61. US Retail Sales (Jan 12 2007)
  62. only using SMA 21
  63. NFP Feb 2
  64. What Was Your quotAhaa!quot Moment
  65. Divergence
  66. quotRandom Acts of Terrorism in UKquot -- Bloomberg TV
  67. Elliott Wave Counting with EG
  68. What is your favourite basic indior???
  69. Is high leverage really bad for traders?
  70. most common reasons for wins or losses
  71. a question for news traders from a technical trader
  72. Audio News Releases
  73. Day Trading vs. Swing Trading vs. Position Trading
  74. Trading and Ego
  75. anyone need help?
  76. Getting flagged after a withdrawal
  77. Pivots best default timezone
  78. Gbp/Usd-(Chart Discussions)
  79. 100$ --gt100,000$ (period: 12 months)
  80. End of Carry Trade
  81. CMS/VT platform down
  82. Directions please? :what ive been doing
  83. Your Best Long Term Trade Is To Short USD/JPY
  84. EUR/JPY Trading Room
  85. Mathematics of Money Management
  86. Carry Trade Surge on Prime Ministers decision to resign
  87. Do Not Yell At Me For Discussing Fundamentals
  88. NZD retail sales this evening
  89. Drawdown or Stop Loss
  90. Partial Bloomberg Contract for sale
  91. Soultraders Clinic :)
  92. NFP Sweepstakes
  93. Perfect Head and Shoulder In GBPJPY_crash_again??
  94. How many pips or % to quit?
  95. Psychology is nothing
  96. Strategy to take safe pips every day
  97. BAD November?
  98. How I Turned 1k To 100k In A Wk!!!
  99. Tips and Tricks from the full time traders??
  100. My thoughts
  101. How To Turn 8K into $49.00 dollars in 4weeks!
  102. Why trading system dont work
  103. Trading system ebooks
  104. Which EA is making money for you?
  105. Almost 95% winner USD/CHF System
  106. How many trade Forex, fulltime, for a living?
  107. I need an opinion plz
  108. Im losing...insight requested....
  109. Gaining an exit point from Annual income
  110. Gaining an exit point from Annual income
  111. whats the purpose of an account, anyway?
  112. Why is the market quite today?
  113. Americas status in 2058
  114. Daily and Weekly Elliott Wave Analysis
  115. Any pin will do?
  116. Elliott Wave Trading
  117. Trading ahead of announcements
  118. Grid Trading
  119. Daily candlestick
  120. Admit it - your profits are based on luck
  121. Range Bars for Scalping?
  122. Buying foreign currency=illegal???
  123. Trading Fib Zones
  124. Nicholas Sarkozy could be the end of Forex
  125. Nomoretoxics Money Management
  126. Fundamental VS technical
  127. the ellipses from s view
  128. Cool Runnings intraday swing trading
  129. Plogy and MM free zone...
  130. Win or lose 100 pips. Place your bets.
  131. Averaging when already In the RED....
  132. Trading without stop-losses
  133. Market Structure Question
  134. Leverage in forex
  135. How To Make 1000s of Pips by NFX
  136. Do you still believe in the perfect trading system?
  137. Gartly/Butterfly patterns - All Pairs
  138. 1987 Trader: Documentary about Paul tudor jones
  139. A challenger appears
  140. Isnt a service career more satisfying then trading?
  141. Inescapable Truths
  142. EUR/NZD Weekly Review
  143. True Range Trading
  144. TD Sequential counts Trading and analysis
  145. What Is a Trend?
  146. EUR/CAD
  147. New study shows only 1% of traders are consistently successful
  148. Price bouncing off of sma
  149. Anybody studying crowd plogy?
  150. Brilliant Technique
  151. Poker vs Trading
  152. Does anyone know of a profitable robot?
  153. Feedback on results with my EA?
  154. SandP lowers Greeces, Portugal and Spains rating
  155. traders unity to drive markets?
  156. EUR/TRY
  157. Question regarding Fibonacci retracement bounce
  158. Question regarding Fibonacci retracement bounce
  159. dungles trading framework
  160. Smexy Trades
  161. What is easier, robbing a bank or trading profitably?
  162. Taking it serious and accelerating my learning curve
  163. Daytrader as a round-the-world traveller
  164. Why are most retail traders usually on the wrong side of the market?
  165. Question on how price moves
  166. Do Investment Bankers make a lot of money compared to traders
  167. Lets move the market!
  168. NZD/USD
  169. Forex Techniques Development Group
  170. Synthetic hedges, cointegration, mean reversion and similar stuff
  171. The Touch Trader Method
  172. Bird is the word - 1 word trading advice
  173. Binary Option Trading
  174. Drawing Correct Trendlines
  175. Price Attraction Points
  176. Order Flow - Achieving the mindset
  177. The Foundations Of Trading Success
  178. The Bigger Picture Fundamentals and Resources
  179. if you could start over
  180. The Birth of a Quant Trader
  181. What is your edge?
  182. Lagging Indiors -vs- Leading Indiors
  183. If you could ask one question to the best trader in the world
  184. forex addiction - whats your opinion?
  185. The Logic Behind the Pitchfork
  186. Strategies that dont predict future price
  187. How do I move forward?
  188. Why such strong correlation of pairs?
  189. Supply and Demand zones NOT in retrospect
  190. Why do you Trade Forex?
  191. Trading the Trend
  192. Chart Patterns, Ranges and Trends
  193. Cluster SR - interesting, new way of looking at support and resistance
  194. The easiest pairs to trade?
  195. What is a Trailing Stop?
  196. How to be successful!!
  197. 1:1 Risk Reward Ratio - Why it just makes sense
  198. How much do you make?
  199. Strong - Weak Currency Analysis
  200. The ideal cent broker for small traders
  201. Take a Loan to Trade?
  202. Martingale... How to make it WORK for YOU!
  203. Still Basketting
  204. Trading Room for traders with FF Trade Explorers
  205. Expectancy Management
  206. X-Mans 4H Super Simple System
  207. Kalman filter and currencies strength
  208. Forming a Private think tank
  209. Most important question to ask before trading
  210. How to Pyramid Entries to Increase Initial Risk/Reward 10-fold
  211. Prediction of random charts w/poll
  212. The whole 9 yards
  213. Sultans of Swing
  214. My market philosophy
  215. Whats the most important activity in your trading business?
  216. The one reason that trumps all other reasons why traders lose
  217. The Proof is in the Pudding
  218. Predicting the EUR/USD by using Currency Correlations
  219. SimpleFib Trading
  220. Multi Time Frame Analysis for Spot and Binary Options
  221. Extracted Posts
  222. 95% Lose in FX is a Myth: % Profitability in the US last year
  223. Why Would Someone Sell a Highly Profitable System?
  224. The holy grail
  225. Exercises to help follow trading rules
  226. Can I recover trades with only 10% equity left? Please help!
  227. Money management - What is the secret?
  228. EA that can trade through all market conditions
  229. IG weekend spreads: have I made a mistake? Spreads 20 plus !
  230. Price Action discussion
  231. Im betting the farm on forex
  232. Binary Options: Your Success Rate?
  233. Is it possible to avoid getting wiped out by a move like SNB?
  234. Who has ever tried to get a bank loan for trading?
  235. Reflexivity in the USD
  236. Avoiding slippage such as the EURCHF crash?
  237. Why The F@#k is this legal!?
  238. Reverse Martingale strategy
  239. Profitable EA?
  240. Percentage of successful traders in forum
  241. Someone talk to me about trading
  242. Who is making profit in the forex market?
  243. Honestly frustrated with trading forex
  244. How do you trade breakout without bleeding to death?
  245. How To Trade With a Naked Chart
  246. Spread and stop orders
  247. The One: Price Action and Reaction
  248. Trading quotThe Quarters Theoryquot from Ilian Yotov
  249. Hedging is it really useful?
  250. Price action and pattern trading