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  1. The DIBS Method... No Free Lunch continues
  2. The best Pairs to Trade?
  3. DATS - Daily Astro*Technical Signals
  4. Bra H1 MACD
  5. forexnoob101s journal - part III
  6. Squidsters Stupid Strategy (SSS) -
  7. Trading Like A Sniper
  8. Little and Often
  9. Vladimirs Thoughts
  10. Higher low, lower high system
  11. need help installing indiors metatrader4
  13. Steve Nisons Candlestick book
  14. I need the MT4 to text indior
  15. Repainting: what can you do against it???
  16. Metatstock Peak and Trough functions for MT4
  17. Spread limit
  18. Indior for the direction of moving averages ?
  19. Problem with mt4 replied positions...HELP
  20. EA programmer kindly needed
  21. How calculate usdlfx
  22. Can someone add a stopp loss to this ea?
  23. stoiters trade journal
  24. Trade Manager needed!!!
  25. Looking for S/L and T/P program
  26. Swiss Knife in cold butter (USDCHF, EURCHF, GBPCHF, AUDCHF, CADCHF, CHFJPY)
  27. Ichimoku forever
  28. Opening horizontal lain indior
  29. 1m GBPUSD Scalping
  30. 3 Programming Function meanings?
  31. Fast trading and volatility
  32. Gaz Robot Trader
  33. Serious problem regarding EA and indior
  34. when take quotxquot profit and then open buy or sell limit code
  35. a question about quotifstream read from a filequot
  36. Does this already exist?
  37. Need Help to put alert coding
  38. My H4 SpeedTrap Journal
  39. Indior is acting weird
  40. Looking for a specific setup back in time with an EA
  41. Pip counter
  42. support and resistance indior
  43. Expert Advisors
  44. #property show_* always in foreground
  45. Trading the heiken-ashi megapips system.
  46. Changing an indiors colour depending on its value . . .
  47. Starting to Trade
  48. What is the difference between Metatrader Volume and lot size?
  49. Money management plan - Your way to the millions
  50. Train Yourself EA
  51. Convert this MTF Stoc to be callable for a EA
  52. Staeggers Price-Action Trading
  53. BoxFibo indior acting weird, can anyone help?
  54. XAU/USD and XAG/USD - Gold and Silver FX Traders Thread
  55. My trade journal
  56. Hammer EA
  57. Slippage
  58. Request for an ATR in pips based trade manager
  59. 100% Price prediction Journal
  60. Pikeliver Charts
  61. Information on VoltyChannel_Stop and ChandelierExit Wanted
  62. My backtesting results
  63. EFT Forex Trading Journal
  64. Starting with $500 - Real Account
  65. Aguaman- A different take on Journals
  66. Once a day Traders
  67. BELIEF Trading Log and Signals (From Malaysia and Singapore)
  68. Follow My Trade - 2nd Edition
  69. Auction Market Theory and Market Profile
  70. USD/RUB
  71. how good/bad I am
  72. Popular forex quotes
  73. Time based position exit EA or Script
  74. My E/U trading log (Elliot Wave)
  75. s Super Simple System
  76. Different Pair Different Rules? Whats your say?
  77. The life of a trading system on Cliqforex
  78. How to determine SL on limit orders
  79. Follow the trend on high timeframes - The holy grail?
  80. USD/INR
  81. How often do u trade?
  82. Respect the rules - check box indior
  83. Help to modify Candle size indior
  84. Strategy Coded in LUA
  85. Pairs to trade for beginners
  86. Ideas on Backtesting
  87. Export Floating Profit/Loss to Excel?
  88. Any script for trading SandR?
  89. Multiple horizontal line drawing indior
  90. Marketforex - Supply and Demand with Price Action
  91. Can you get rich quickly from forex trading?
  92. Problem Remove Script: MT4 While loop
  93. Consecutive PlaySound()
  94. Im trading H1 TF. Which other frames should I watch?
  95. Is trading really that hard?
  96. Can anyone help to fix this Pip-count indior?
  97. Trading opportunities
  98. Need Break Even EA for MT4 600 plus
  99. My stop loss was executed. Was it the spread?
  100. In need of a coder for new MT4 build
  101. About the course
  102. How to delete lot size from chart?
  103. Carpe diem: Intraday tactics for Dax and Dow
  104. Help calculating lot size
  105. Can we create any time frame?
  106. Code Indior - Future Proof It?
  107. Need help to convert simple TradeStation Indior to mt4
  108. Errors from importing Dukascopy 1min data
  109. Coding help with d#8217Alembert Forex EA
  110. Retail Traders Central Bank (RTCB)
  111. Can anyone edit this EA to automatically set a SL?
  112. Automated Position Closing
  113. TMS for M30 charts
  114. Daily green/red candle
  115. discussion about my trading
  116. Trailing Stops on Pending Orders
  117. Sending algorithmic string to buy signal in mt4
  118. minimum stop level?
  119. Trailing stop on MT4 with Android tablet
  120. Looking for an indi that shows levels 20 and 80 only
  121. MT4 Trading the GAP With Excel
  122. Inside Bar with Alert
  123. trend ching with NonLagDot indior
  124. PVSRA Scalping with Cigarguy
  125. daily weekly routine and PTZ
  126. Trading with range bars ichimoku cloud and awesome oscillator
  127. Help with dissertation
  128. Mt4 Order Send Problem on EA
  129. Using the same historical data folder for many MT4 installs
  130. Highest Open / Lowest Open Trade
  131. Golden Levels: NZD/USD
  132. Fibo Magic
  133. My CFD trades
  134. VSA and VRA - TEB Basic Analysis
  135. Extracted Posts
  136. Work from 09/16 - vsa long term charts
  137. Extracted Posts
  138. Can anyone become a trader?
  139. Loan for Trading?!?!
  140. BB, MACD, and everything else where appropriate
  141. Companies will quit Britain if we vote to leave the EU: Leaked tape of Theresa May talking to bankers before the referendum
  142. Unique egy webinar once again FEE: 30$ only
  143. Why both too simple and too complex methods fail?
  144. What happened to IC markets?
  145. Free Reliable Forex Signal
  146. The Highest XM Rebates for you $9-$9.2/Lot back to you
  147. quothedgingquot the school run :p
  148. EUR/USD, GBP/USD: Position For European Policy Mire - Credit Suisse
  149. is it possible to zoom out more on the chart?
  150. Cannot move stoploss order once entry is triggered script
  151. Entry and Exit
  152. Orderflow DayTrading Powered by Clusterdelta
  153. EUR/USD: Staying Short: 4 Macro Reasons Plus Technicals - Credit Suisse
  154. FiboGroup Rebates - up to 25% of spread/Comms
  155. TT Ichimoku Cloud Trading Analysis with Trading Calls
  156. Dollar Sidelined, Krona Stabilizes, Rates Firm
  157. Bearish Trading
  158. Found my jackpot egy quotTHE X FACTORquot
  159. Creating a money management ea that only uses a partial balance
  160. Tips for an uninspired trader?
  161. 7 years I went through hell, but I am still alive
  162. Speculators Make Concerted Effort to Pick Bottom in Sterling
  163. Grid-Hedge Reboot
  164. Does anyone (MQL coders) have issues with returned ATR values
  165. Trailing Stop Problem
  166. Singapore Forex Trading Competition Results - October 2016
  167. Extracted Posts
  168. What can you make with 40k account?
  169. Carneys Tenure: Brief Thoughts
  170. Navigating the Price Action - A Few Thoughts
  171. Tech Targets: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, AUD/USD, NZD/USD, USD/JPY - UOB
  172. Trump Hedge in Gold Continues while Oil Hits Support
  173. [PointandClick] Train and Backtest your trading idea visually
  174. OrderSend issue
  175. Limited offer of a free 1-on-1 webinar by profesional trader
  176. trading forex demo contest, and is 400%/day possible?!
  177. s trades
  178. FOMC Says Little New, December Hike Remains Likely Scenario
  179. GBP/USD: Trading the British Services PMI
  180. Tech Targets: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, AUD/USD, NZD/USD - UOB
  181. Markets suddenly having to re-price for a possible Trump victory
  182. 3 Numbers: US services showing signs or re-acceleration
  183. (binned per thread starters request) PipShow_v2v_Fusion Indio
  184. Where to find average trade duration in MT4
  185. Price-Structure-Order flow
  186. High Court Slows Brexit and BoE Forecasts Revised Up: GBP/USD plus EUR/GBP
  187. FXCM hikes margins for select currency pairs ahead of US elections
  188. US Jobs Report to Provide Election Distraction
  189. Weak Dollar Awaits Results of U.S. Elections
  190. TimeToStr - I need to remove year
  191. LotSize management coding help needed
  192. Searching for Pivot Trading EA
  193. mt4 - While Loop Operator issue - ( not responding )
  194. Profitable Renko System
  195. Getting mt4 to work on linux
  196. FF members, cast your vote for the US election
  197. Market Profile (MP) levels/targets for DAX DOW NQ
  198. Breakout London Timeframe
  199. Which currency to trade during London trading hours
  200. 4x communiion
  201. I closed a trade with 19 pips profit but I lost money on it
  202. RenkoChartSuite
  203. No one can forecast the direction of a trend, its a paradox
  204. Quad Candle System
  205. question about money management
  206. Intraday System
  207. Help loading HeatMapModoki indior please
  208. Trader Funding - Live Trading Room - Insitutional Model Alerts
  209. OsMA indior and mechanical automatic trading
  210. Any website showing retail trade positions or banks exposure?
  211. Help with my great S/R indior
  212. Livin the dream!
  213. EA Trading Journal
  214. 3 Numbers: US job openings expected to dip for second month
  215. Best platforms that can run multiple egies simultaneously
  216. Fibonacci EA
  217. Are you in a GREAT MESS with your Forex investment / trading?
  218. Traders Library
  219. I need a coder and risk manager to make ea
  220. Post Your Swing Trades Here
  221. My Journal: Supply and Demand
  222. (binned per thread starters request) what does one tick of tick
  223. The glass is half full as consolidation sets in ahead of the FOMC minutes tonight
  224. Simple Breakout System (GOLD)
  225. The man that knows something knows nothing at all
  226. ICWR Strategy and AutoTrader
  227. Going live again after failure(s)
  228. Profitable Bank Trading System
  229. EURUSD Only
  230. When do you place your pending orders
  231. USD Rebounds After Yellen Comments
  232. Impliions of German and Japanese Political Developments
  233. Centaurus Journal
  234. The waterfall
  235. Aran Jibril
  236. Candle Timer that shows two or more timeframes
  237. The Black Swan Experiment
  238. A Newbie Journey To Financial Freedom
  239. To be a trader
  240. How To Determine Daily OHLC prices for BTC/USD
  241. Progress
  242. 50% candles for supply and demand
  243. I challenge you to fail with this
  244. Reminiscences of a Retail Trader
  245. Facing problem with Math of Harmonic Analysis
  246. VSA Void System Diary
  247. Renko trading using proven egy
  248. Multiple USD Pair Moving Average Alert
  249. Stop losses, lot sizes and position sizing
  250. Utilizing Forex Info? Diversifiion-Business Opportunities?