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  33. Looking for an Order Entry EA
  34. Pipimint Fresh Chart Sharing-Where Feedback Flows and Intelligence Grows
  35. Cool Time And Date Zone Website and Time Zone Converter. :)
  36. can anyone pls tell me what forex robot or machine is the best on meta4
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  38. What does free charting really cost.
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  40. I have a great system that I want an EA coded for
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  46. Interbank GPS
  47. ema script with time
  48. Displaying text on graph
  49. TREND Indicator
  50. Pimp your charts
  51. EA request for Simple Daily System
  52. My First Tradingsystem and EA
  53. Great EA. Anyone interested in forward testing?
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  55. 4HR 5EMA Expert Advisor
  56. previous bar OHLC
  57. Weekly and Monthly (Daily) Pivot Point Indicators
  58. Ea/test Center/ Free Ea Only
  59. Recent Strength indicator
  60. I am looking for a script to open multiple positions
  61. EA fix: Close all positions at profit target X
  62. Change bar color properties based on EMA?
  63. EA to collect data each millisecond , not just when Ticks occur
  64. MT4 Order Plugin: Trade by lines with risk based lot sizing
  65. Do-it-yourself alert builder kit
  66. Hi/Low Fibonacci tool
  67. Double Tops/Bottoms Indicator
  68. Check Internet Connection Status with EA
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  70. Opening/closing/modifying orders in EA with safety
  71. Kalman Scalping
  72. New Approaches to Creating EAs
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  77. Can anyone help me remove the martingale on this EA
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  80. How do I enable my MT4 EA to trade using a FIX API?
  81. Need this Grid EA
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  83. automatic martingale simple EA?
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  86. MTF Dashboard thread
  87. Breaking news alerts
  88. MT4 - Terminal window in separate window?
  89. Close pending order on profit taken by magic number
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  91. Scalpers Tick Chart Creator
  92. MyCodeCorner
  93. Windows 8.1 - EA Start OK Button Problem
  94. mt4 position size and expected profit vs actual profit issue
  95. looking for good Gann fan indi to use w/mt4 600 plus
  96. Is there any service that provide indiors alerts?
  97. Easiest way to count bars from X to Current Time?
  98. Dashboard TZ
  99. Use martingale until profit is not less then 1000
  100. does anyone have the mql4 file for this indior
  101. scalp helper tool
  102. Trading the e mini nasdaq
  103. AOR Ahsaas Basket trader Based on Momentum Indior
  104. Script to change all the templates within a profile in one click
  105. Searching for a high and low indior
  106. Big profit regularly, but need to covert to EA
  107. Need simple mod for this money management indi
  108. India Nifty - Daily analysis and Discussion on NSE Index
  109. Who can modify it: Rate Of Change (ROC) indicator?
  110. MT4 Bid orders instead of Ask
  111. Who could write price bar?
  112. DIY platform - Any C# coders? Need info, not code!
  113. ATR indior for MT5
  114. Hacking an MT4 account via EA
  115. MT4 does not show intraday drawdown
  116. seeking a script/EA for quotstop limitquot orders on MT4
  117. Calculating position size automatically
  118. Historical Data for USD/JPY
  119. How to write TDI indiors into EA
  120. Help Needed to Debug Existing EA with proven egy
  121. Looking for CTA software
  122. MT4 EOD Data export to Metastock
  123. Add Audible and Visual Alert Please
  124. Looking for EA to close all pending orders if TP is hit
  125. Forex trackers
  126. Gann HiLo Histogram MTF/Dash
  127. Need help on TDI divergence indior attached
  128. Code help for a simple Breakout Strategy
  129. Looking for EA to close at candle close with profit
  130. Help finding seasonality indior
  131. sweetspot indior for cTrader
  132. Baby Sitter EA
  133. Calculate Stochastic Formula on a array (non indior buffer array)
  134. take tp by money
  135. Customize Display with Color Kit
  136. TradingView Volume indior for MT4?
  137. Need help to add extra features for specific stop times on EA
  138. is cTrader recommended?
  139. MT4 on Win 7 - Cannot save detailed report?
  140. Visual Traders Studio
  141. Bollinger bands and Stoch coding question
  142. RSI buy/sell idea
  143. andand = AND .... what = OR?
  144. RSI with PSAR stop loss
  145. Script to delete only certain objects
  146. A better Editor for mql is available. 100x better than MetaEditor
  147. Help with Running EAs on Oanda
  148. Looking for EA - EMA Bounce
  149. MTF Moving Average
  150. Excel price levels export to mt4
  151. ATR indior of candle body ignoring wick and tail
  152. RSI Divergence
  153. Script EA manager - Maximum spread function, can you help me
  154. How to write/program EA?
  155. Advice on where/how to learn MQL4 ?
  156. Odd Lot Supported MT4 Brokers
  157. orderclose() problem - cannot close all trades
  158. EA from custom indior?
  159. Exporting indiors data in excel
  160. Little help needed with rates_total (I think)
  161. Convert EA to support multiple currency pairs
  162. Need an alert for indior
  163. need price alert on horizontal price line
  164. New MT4 demo account installations on new PC
  165. Flexi Bars Swing V2 modifiion help wanted
  166. Transaction History In Oanda MT4 Terminal
  167. Need Help To Make quotWeekly_HILO_Shjquot Indior More Useful ?!
  168. MT4 app login affecting PC login
  169. Does the FX5 Divergence indior repaint?
  170. Anyone have the source of this Trend Indior?
  171. Need latest London breakout indiors
  172. Creating a DDE Server?
  173. An array of a struct - exandle
  174. Awesome Indior – Need EA
  175. Get RSI Values Indior (All Pairs) (MT4)
  176. Looks profitable, Need good Coder help
  177. Basic pip/time/spread display
  178. Keltner Channel Multiplier Constant
  179. Adding Stochastics - X8 when over 85 and less than 15
  180. How to download history data in MT5
  181. moving indiors to new PC issue?
  182. Are there any egy tester services on net?
  183. Data Analytics Tool Collection/Integration (MT4 version)
  184. Where can I get a custom indior built professionally?
  185. Looking for HMA With alet on color change
  186. MQL5 - how to draw data at future time coordinate?
  187. Creating bots for Telegram in MQL5
  188. Renko charts configuration
  189. Candle Bullish/Bearish Alert
  190. Has anyone heard
  191. EA request to close trades on 2 Moving Average Crossover
  192. How covert mt4 indior to tradingview
  193. Three Line Strike Indior Request
  194. MT4 privacy questions
  195. Recent Strength indior
  196. Time in MT
  197. Reversed stop loss trailing