Allow me to say sorry to port and begin of. I have been busting my ass off creating a system that works for me and that I feel comfortable with for the past 3 month (incidentally all of you are amazing people and I Would like to thank you personally for All your counsel. ) I am seeing great results using this system once I stick with it. I'm very happy about this my difficulty. I've a friend that got involved with a few business call Easy Forex Currency trading. The title makes me laugh as in my view it's not simple. I have work read plenty of novels, did plenty of research. I have alot to learn. But now, came to me and said he's made $ 500 from the previous 2 weeks after their arrows. I did $250 and that I sweated for all those. If Currency Market was really simple why am I killing myselt. He made GRRRRRRRR although arrow can be kindly followed by everyone. I'm done ranting thank for listening