Hello guys. It is not I began trading Currency Market. Today I believe I've new approach (I don't know whether that egy existed earlier, but I believe it's excellent egy. If I'm wrong please inform me). What I have in mind? Assuming two accounts together with 1000 $ start. Market speed is EUR/USD 1.2545/1.2548. In precisely the exact same time saving two tons (20K) out of 1 account and purchasing another two tons in the next account. We have loss -12$. If there's powerful movement in the marketplace we'll add a second whole lot to the gaining consideration and contract place to 10K on a different (losing consideration). So profits are climbing more than it had been climbing before we inserted smaller is climbing than it had been. We could add if economy will the management of gaining standing.
Now If economy is moving against gaining standing. We cover 10K so forth and another 10K as it happens we're covering getting places one by one. On a different account the reduction is falling in precisely the exact same time and we can add lots. If economy proceeds trend and will reverse we're doing exactly the exact same as explained previously. OF course is risky and after entering economy than prior to entrance, it's simpler to determine s/r amounts. If I'm wrong please don't be afraid to reply.