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    I dont understand the specifics of your situation, however Neuimex-clients (swiss broker that was closed down earlier this year) will recieve something like 10% of their claims (which doesnt mean this is going to be the same in your case). The whole process, from shutting down a broker to eventually paying out customer claims, can take easily a year or longer.

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    They are under jurisdiction of Swiss Law.. And their owner is under investigation. . I talked by telephone with them. They said wait. . They wil updat on monday. .
    I've one question. . Now it's for certain that Tradex is shuting down.
    What's going to happen with our funds? . . Wil they refund us via bank wire? .
    thank you.
    There are a number of techniques to do it.
    Like getting the Betreibungsamt to suspend or find a list of their resources. They are not let to move away what is visible.
    While getting that done, the majority are on the second degree. Normally you're supposed to send to cover you. With a single in registered letter type - which in 10 times you can proceed to officially contact the Betreibungsamt to make them cover or to go bankrupt.

    Call here,
    Betreibungsamt der Stadt Zug
    Fischmarkt 1
    6301 Zug/ZG
    004141 728 31 35

    Ask them whether Tradex is already on their list leading to Bankruptcy. When it is, ask them how you can get in to the list of lenders. When it isn't, ask them for the forms you want to fill up to make them pay. If they're still in business, they will try to pay you ahead of the betreibungsamt will proceed to shut them down.

    As soon as you're in the list of lenders, there is not anything except to wait patiently.

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    Wrong. Incorrect Wrong
    Any NUTTER who has his/her Fx or some other kinds of firm bankkrupt won't get permission to begin his/her firm again.

    It all depends on how one twists the law. When it is a Société Straightforward it is hopeless! ! PLS stop all those tight bullshit. ! !

    Société à raison Limité - SARL is sort of LTD..
    Société Anonyme - SA can also be LTD with minimal 100k capital
    Both of these are sort of share companies.
    Before 2007 1 st July, this year - There are at lesat 2 sharholders to form a business. Thus these companies can get as many share holders it needs.
    When you have been bankrupt before ( not on personal level nor on Socété Straightforward level ) you're permitted to get stocks in a SARL or S.A.
    What the government would likely not allow is to offer you ( in case you were bankkrupt at a preceding business of the same sort ) a single touch to run the corporation.
    Other share holders will hold the responsabilities to sign for the business.
    In the US or other nations, what most individuals do is simply to use the title of some other member in their loved ones. Does that make any difference?
    Or to buy into an Present business. There are a number of ways to get back into business. As comsumers, simply open your eyes. Always check on FX sites on Broker remarks!!
    Why do you believe in the united states, Europe or elsewhere ppl available LTD companies? Private fortune protection and also the chance to restart again in a business. ! Over here is double taxed. On personal income and on LTD company tax. If you're doing nicely, you might be taking just 1/3 of the profit dwelling. The remainder go to the state. On everything you're buying with the profit you took home, you still need to pay sales tax! In Europe, between 18-20% additional.
    France and Germany are somewhat worse.

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    There are a number of approaches to do it.
    Like obtaining the Betreibungsamt to suspend or get an inventory of the assets. They are not let to move away what is visible.
    While getting that done, most are on the second level. Normally you are supposed to send to pay you. With a single in registered letter form - that in 10 days you can proceed to formally contact the Betreibungsamt to get them to pay or to go bankrupt.

    Call here,
    Betreibungsamt der Stadt Zug
    Fischmarkt 1
    6301 Zug/ZG
    004141 728 31 35

    Ask them whether Tradex is currently on their list resulting in Bankruptcy. If it is, ask them how you can get in to the list of lenders. If it is not, ask them. If they are still in business, they will try to pay you before the betreibungsamt will proceed to close down them.

    Once you are in the list of lenders, there's nothing except to wait.
    Thank yoU Fellow for information regarding this provider. . Can you tell me The company's e-mail ID? .

    I contacted with Dana last Night. He was on duty in Boston workplace of Tradex. He said that we've got good news that their finance can be published untill friday so they will procced our W.D requests. . But I have a doubt. .
    So I wana contact Betreibungsamt as a caution.... Now, I wil contact them. . Their ID is needed by me also. Tell me. . And Do you understand any english website of Betreibungsamt? .
    I hunted all websites were in Their speech not in english.
    See you about.

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    Fantastic fortune hammad. Tell us how it ends up

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    Hello Mr Chip. .
    Yes ofcourse i will. .
    Thank you so much HighWay to your great help at Skypee.
    I talked with an use of tradex. . She said to be more patience. . And asked to do facsimile withdrawal request. . Even I have sent W.D request by e-mails. But she asked for Fax. . And said a lot of times that don't worry it is just matter of time and as soon as they wil get out from investigation they wil Procceed W.D requests but it's Final that is shuting down.
    I asked a lot of time that why you are under investigation. . She replied so many occasions I DON'T KNOW. :surprised. .
    I Will keep update. .
    Thank you for this fantastic commounity Forum and fast Support.
    See you about.

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    Hello Hammad,

    Do you have any extra information about the funds??

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    Sir I have spoke many times with their Boston Office. They are saying that your Funds are Safe in your accounts... Untill the investigation will comeplet, they can not complete our W.D requests.
    They have stated me many occasions that funds are secure.
    Who understands?
    See you about
    P.S they've given me new time period of 3 to 4 months.

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    Have you ever been able to talk with anybody in Switzerland?

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    Yes MR Chip,
    I did contact Betreibungsamt. They said I will want to return to Switzerland and will have to sign files then they could help me.
    They can not provide files online, so some one should be there to visit their office and sign files. They said you can sign a paper and send someone else on benefit or you personally from switzerland. .
    Problem is currently I do not understand any one in Swizterland in feusisberg and personaly never vistited this country.
    Tradex people are still saying the same time frame [4 months ]. Even the exact same time frame was told by them.
    Suggesst me now what should I do?