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    GoMarkets Discussion

    Was the final GoMarkets thread sent to the bin?

    Either way, I've recently opened a live acc with them but before I invested a while I needed to ask all you good sages to your experience/opinions.

    Testimonials at http://www.forexpeacearmy.com/ (forex peace army - broker review website) have lately recorded Gomarkets(AUS) as a pretty decent broker. Allowed the reviews were pretty bad but apparently they've cleaned their act up a lot. Likewise some guys here recommend the broker.

    Before this kind of heart I was using Alpari.co.uk I utilized Alpari because they appeared to be a well recognized, reliable broker. I however, took a 4 month break because of pressing concerns not forex associated and if I returned to begin trading again I discovered that Alpari had taken a turn for the worse (according to reviews and articles here) so I was quite apprehensive about trading with them. I'd love some ideas and input relating to it.

    Overall I'd love to learn whether GoMarkets(AUS) is a fantastic broker who will not scam me of my money or attempt to surprising moves that'll destroy my account. I'd love to understand that they won't 'debt,' my account over BS and they won't call me from the blue telling me to finance my acc with money or it'll go bust.

    I just need a reliable broker that will not scam me of my hard-won money...


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    . . .Anyone?

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    Junior Member Cokchidelgado17's Avatar
    I have a live account with go for some time now (back when those apparent poor reviews were being created also)
    These bad reviews were a load of bs in my personal view. I've not had a problem with them.
    Alot of folks were having issues with there transactions not moving through but not had a problem and everything ran quickly. I believe that it was the event of peoples internet connection playing than Go. They did there best to assist those people having difficulty to. But you can perform.

    I have a little account just to see if they're dependable and yes they're. They draw your money whenever you ask. They dont stop search you or whatever you call it. All in all they have my trust at the moment and I wouldnt really consider else where appropriate now.
    They have had more liquidity in there live feed now so the spreads are abit better and the information is pretty clean to.
    There customer service is fantastic aswell, so if u have a problem with your account they fix this up quickly.
    At this stage I do believe they're a fantastic broker who want one to do nicely. Untill proven otherwise I'm pleased to trade together with

    ps. Army are filled with idiots anyway.

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    Awesome. Either way I will demo for another week or 2 together to try stuff and execution speeds out then I'll fund my account and start trading.

    They don't call you up for extra funds etc do they?

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    Junior Member Cokchidelgado17's Avatar
    Whilst they did improve their demo I believe I dont believe demo-ing with a broker will offer an an accurate idea in their time server rates. Whilst go's are good on live I would open up a account and also a small amount of cash to start with. I didnt do a demo.
    Either way you will have someone ring up to welcome you to go markets when you do live and you will get someone call you when you get the demo probably asking you what your aims are.

    Nobody has called me asking to place more money in. They probably call you in the event that you obtain margin called lol but that is normal.

    Any forum you are likely to have whinging about any broker. This is my experience together and I am happy.

    For additional comments check out what all of the other australians believe.

    and just go to the FX section and go to the go markets thread. Plenty in the event that you want more to read about

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    I've read everywhere that their Currenex feed is so excellent, so I'm thinking of trading.

    Nevertheless since their host is in Australia I'm wondering if anybody trading from out of Australia (e.g. US or UK) experiences considerably slippage.

    The round trip ping length from US is around 200ms, so by the time you see a price in your terminal it can be outdated.

    So if anybody from out of Australia transactions through GoMarkets, please discuss your experiences, especially regarding slippage.

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    Junior Member anabexxwtf's Avatar
    Just a question....do they only charge on disperse or do they also charge commission in addition to disperse? Also whats the .5% commission for?

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    Junior Member mini_oke's Avatar
    From Australia, Go Markets are a decent broker IMO, and they are controlled by a fairly tough regulator called: ASIC
    I've traded together for last 6 weeks as a live trial, besides my futures account, and failed to find anything seriously wrong with them.
    The only issue I have is the lack of a DOM with MT4, making order entry/exit/management a lot quicker and easier, also the lack of a generic option of mount order on entry, instead of the cumbersome manual entry of SL numbers.

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    Has anyone noticed that Move Markets now has a couple of seconds delayed execution? When you click on buy or sell, it says the order is processed and then you receive the price of a couple seconds after whatever slippage is incurred. When price is moving quickly, you will incur slippage. You can check the amount of seconds they choose for execution on your diary when you are trading or on your metatrader log.

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    Junior Member JorgeOtpk's Avatar
    I have read anywhere that their Currenex feed is so excellent, so I am thinking of trading.

    Nevertheless since their host is in Australia I am wondering whether anybody trading from outside of Australia (e.g. US or UK) experiences considerably slippage.

    The round trip ping length from US is around 200ms, so by the time you see a price on your terminal it can be obsolete.

    So if anybody from outside of Australia transactions through GoMarkets, please share your experiences, particularly regarding slippage.
    I've traded with gomarkets, in the united states and the transactions took forever to execute. I am unsure how long they took to actually fill..However, they take anywhere from 1-3 seconds for market orders to execute for sure. Their is some price slippage..However, the slippage is not always against you..It's like 50% change the price becomes filled at better than the quoted price and 50% it gets stuffed at lesser price.

    They explained that because I am trading from the united states, it should take a little longer..However, no more than one second.

    Their price feed is the most volatile i have ever seen. .