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    No amount of carrot and fringe savings would compel me to deposit with them. If they were actually honest and worth us as clients of Go Market they can begin by replying problems and the doubts in this thread.

    I must suspect something was amiss when Chris left the company. He must knew something was wrong with the new direction and decide to jump ship. Hmm... I wonder where he is now...

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    quote I am sorry, but their weak excuse of latency arbitrage abusing EAs just does not fly; it's a smokescreen, a boogeyman. For one, regardless of the EA utilized in no case have they ever demoned that arbitrage was the offender, and they _ it has not been proven by _ even after my explicit request. Further, they haven't mentioned the passages in their stipulations and Product Disclosure Statement where these reversals are approved regardless of the egy used (freezing of account...
    Any update about this hoax??

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    Well, I have had my account balance I presume?
    It's back about where I'd expect it to be but I had asked them to get detailed information regarding the problem, I received nothing , even following it being them that asked me to send the support request email.

    So much for this very first class customer service they self promote.
    I'd think that given what occurred me getting a detailed explanation would only be plain due diligence along with basic customer services.

    I'd like to see how they came to the figure they adjusted my account with.
    As it's not an easy instance of x level interest, I'd really like to see their working.

    Been overly busy at the office to call them, but I will get around to it as I do not believe in complaining on forums rather than letting the party at fault understand your opinion.
    I will be interested to hear the response to my query about the half an apology email they sent out and the way they maybe think I'd in my right mind deposit more cash when half of my account balance was currently missing.... sheesh... :

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    Well, I have had my account balance corrected, I think? It is back about where I'd expect it to be but I'd asked them I received nothingfollowing it being them I asked me to deliver the support request email. So much with this class customer support that they self promote. I'd think that given what happened me receiving a detailed explanation would only be plain due customer services that is fundamental and diligence. I'd love to see how they came they corrected my account with. As...
    with this type of services,I wont be surprised that this broker will go burst v.soon! It appear that they r having problems today,fantastic luck to people who still holding into their own accts!

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    quote Any update on this hoax??
    They made me a grossly insulting settlement offer for about 25% of the profits, with rights of withdrawal predied on trading 50 lots with them. This absurd, audacious 'offer' was of course immediately rebuked.

    Like hell I am enriching these criminals by even a cent more after all they've done.

    I have chased mediation using the Financial Ombudsman Service, and that I strongly urge anyone else affected by their arbitrary profit cancellations do so too.

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    quote They made me a grossly insulting settlement deal for approximately 25 percent of the profits aned, together with rights of withdrawal predied on trading 50 lots together with them. This absurd, audacious 'offer' was of course promptly rebuked. After all they've done I'm enriching these offenders by even a penny more. I have pursued arbitration using the Financial Ombudsman Service, and that I urge anyone else affected by their arbitrary profit cancellations do this as well.
    Can you replie that email/pdf settlement that you received? It's possible to block out information that is sensitive.

    Why on earth do they want you to keep trading with them when they went through all the trouble of adjusting your account since you had used improper trading procedures?

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    GO Privacy Lately a small percentage of you may have received unsolicited contact from a number of our competitors. We wish to ensure that we are aware of this and are taking action. We ask that you contact us if that has occurred. GO Markets will not compromise client information and your privacy is valued by us. By no means has accepted such unsolicited contact, nor has made your private information readily available to other third party brokers. GO will take appropriate measures to secure its clients both now and later on....
    That would clarify all of the fucking hassling calls and emails I've been getting from a shithead egory called synergyfx.

    If move will not compromise client personal information.... HOW THE FUCK DID THEY GET MY DETAILS?

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    quote that would explain all of the fucking hassling calls and emails I've been getting from some shithead group called synergyfx. If go won't endanger client personal information.... HOW THE FUCK DID THEY GET MY DETAILS?
    I can affirm, Synergy is indeed spamming with emails. Using a company with such practices: I'd not really trade to Synergy. Ask them to describe how they got your information, no reply of course. I can only think of Go//Synergy are sharing information or all the same. Possibly a new thread about Synergy spamming to warn people.

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    Just to let you guys know who aren't already aware is not affiliated with any other broker and has not passed on almost any client details to any 3rd parties. Was established in Sydney and has within the past couple of months come back down to Melbourne. We're conducting a full and comprehensive review to make certain that no other brokers because we've transferred back are sending unsolicited mails to our clients and we sincerely hope that these customers who've been sent this email have potentially registered for a demo or futher information directly to the other broker or their details are available on approved lists.
    We've contacted our lawyers that are taking immediate action and investigating this further.

    On a different note we would like to go over the BTN lightning problem. We've not made any statements to be honest it is still at the control of our team but in a small portion of our clients has only affected but nevertheless is remains highly important to get this solved.

    GO Markets are an 100 percent STP forex provider which means that all trades are passed on a liquidity provider so that we can stay market-neutral. Recently it was brought to our attention from our liquidity provider that a small part of our client base were utilizing a sign service called BTN lightning to place trades through the server infrastructure, in an effort to take advantage of currency movements during releases of economic data.

    As the majority of our customers are aware supports all valid trading procedures, signal services and expert advisors. The case with BTN lightning nevertheless is something out of the ordinary.

    We were notified by our liquidity providers that an ongoing investigation was occurring regarding trades completed by BTN lightning, and the result was that our provider instigated a reversal of trades completed by this sign service.

    We are currently undergoing a full evaluation and as customers can enjoy takes a while to finish but the findings are as follows.

    It is considered, BTN Lightning carries out manufactured arbitrage by flooding the server with a large amount of small trades. These trades are designed to impede the server, in turn creating a chance to trade in a8216;stale#8217; price. This erroneous price is passed straight to the liquidity provider where they can't replie in the market.
    This practice, in face value resembles a DDOS attack on our IT infrastructure that contravenes our terms and requirements and could possibly indie a denial of trading service for some or all of our customers, which in itself is potentially prohibited. In addition our legal team are also of the view that this trading can also contravene the corporations act here in Australia

    We are now in discussions with our legal representation regarding the potential illegal activity on our servers and our liquidity partners. It is imperative we will make every attempt to keep our clients and treat this seriously.

    Here at GO we've been speaking to our customers that have been affected on a case by case basis and will keep everyone current. We'd also like to mention that it is our belief that the majority of customers who employed BTN were unaware of how it functioned.


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    I don't think anybody had heard of those synergy fucks until they began their bullshit. I had never heard of the name before recently. I'm not one to give out a particular email address or personal phone number... to anyone... except for some (considered) legit companies. Go used to be deemed to make sure I would get data in a timely manner. I definitely don't give ANY info, whatsoever, towards demo accounts of any forex groups. EVER! The only forex firm who had my email and phone were GoM... UNTIL NOW.

    Horseshit answer is just more common horseshit. The leak here is from Go. Approved lists? Nobody approved to be spammed by other brokers.

    You guys fucked-up and sold, gave away, or didn't shred, customer details, or this 'approved lists' bullshit was mistreated and you didn't take care of customer info when passing it to whomever you give it to. It is this has occurred. I put you behind me months before, and yet here I am getting spammed from those synergy retards because of you and your boundless retardation.

    Repair it then fuck off. Had enough of the bullshit from you guys.