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    Try pepperstone, great for all sort of trading system. .

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    quote its regulated broker?
    It is an ECN you trade directly through the interbank to market.
    Visit and read@ site.

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    quote It is an ECN you trade directly through the interbank to market. Visit and read@ website.
    Does they accept scalping egy?

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    Try darwinex.

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    quote It's an ECN you trade directly through the interbank to market. Visit and read@ website.
    Impossible to trade directly on intrebank market from retail platform, too small capital. The relative-size traders like you are aggregated and sent to interbank market, or at worst case b-booked.

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    Go with FBS or Pepperstone. Both have entry. From there you understand your monemonegy is safe.

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    I've tried a lot of broker and should you use MT4 the very best spread would be found on ICMarkets (typically 0-0.2 pips EURUSD disperse during Euro-US session).
    Their commission is $7 RT/lot but it is possible to find some IB that whould do commission rebate and lowered your commission to $5.5 RT/lot

    if you dont wish to use MT4 I would recommend dukascopy, although their spread is higher than ICMarkets (0.2-0.4 pips EURUSD) they have several advantage to their jforex appliions:
    1. Moments chart. (I use 10 sec chart for implementation and 1/5 minutes for analysis)
    2. You may see the thickness of the book (not essential but nice to have)
    3. You're able to switch between bid and ask chart - that I found is important for my scalping style.
    Their commission starts from $7 RT and they have sliding rate for transaction volumes.
    Btw I need to warn you some thing - first their appliion process is a pain in the @$$. Second, they are member of tax Automatic exchange of information network. So you need to check whether private or corporate structure would be beneficial for you, particularly if you do large amounts.

    Allow me to know if you are able to find another broker who will do better.

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    Hello guys, I am searching for an ECN broker that offers LOWEST spreads (I receptive 30-50 places per day, the majority of them EURUSD) Everything I discovered was old threads and posts, that is why I began new one I am client of Activtrades (usually 0.5 on EURUSD) for now and applied for LMAX account Maybe you will find scalpers around here who could share their expertise. Appreciate it! Thank you for any valuable info, remain green
    For scalping I am using MaximusFx. I am trading with them as they have very low spreads and instant trade execution. Another reason I chose the broker is their charting, it does not create any fake candles that help me to get my price action analysis.

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    I am able to say, that you a busy trader. Not everybody can put as much time in trading. But if you've found such circumstances (and believe me, 0.5 is rather good) grip on that broker for now. Actually, take a better look on new brokers. The majority of them will provide quite appetizing conditions at first.

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