I challenge you to fail with this
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thread: I challenge you to fail with this

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    I challenge you to fail with this

    6 Structure (s) Hello guys, go on daily chart back as you can go until now and hunt for these kind of candles:

    Bullish signal: false breakout/rejection of the low of the preceding day, better when the shadow of the signal candle is long enough, AND THEN close ABOVE preceding day high

    Use pending orders over current candle high if it totally engulf the prior day high.
    0.02 dimension? 0.01 with a TP big like the signal candle, 0.01 pending order without TP, SL beneath the minute of the pattern; It is just an idea, try your gestion.

    OPPOSITE for bearish signs

    it is possible to search too on weekly and yearly

    We have also another kind of signal (bearish, screenshot 1 and 6): when the signal candle has all of the prerequisites but doesn't close under the previous day's low, BUT close beneath the open of the preceding day, place a pending order not on the signal candle' low, but about the low of the preceding day. Note it is not a potent signal like the very first.

    Additional guidelines:

    Rule n°1

    -Trade ONLY Daily, Weekly and Monthly.

    Rule n°Two

    -WAIT for your own candle CLOSE

    Don't attempt to expect the market. You are not a magician or a time traveller. You have to wait.

    My backtest's results on GBP/NZD (daily) 1-2 years: 20440 pips (such as SL and also TP on each last high).
    Proceed charts, do your backtests and report here, I challenge you to neglect

    Clearly the signals have to be contextualized. More things you understand, more informations you have and greater the advantage

    #8220;If you have an apple, and I have an apple, and we exchange it, you then and I have an apple to get one. But in case you have an idea, and I have an idea, and we exchange it, then we have 2 thoughts #8221;

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    quote Hello. I didn't alter any settings. I first set the timeframe to Daily then employed the template that Asw provided. After the template, I loaded the type 1 and type 2 indiors separately. I'm still using those who handled the types separately rather than combined into a single dashboard. I haven't tried that one yet.
    I truly appreciate your answer to question please assist with the URL to the template and also the indior you used, I believe that the indior I downloaded is the mix one. . .if you've got the link at which the indior and template will be help me .

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    Here are the setups for now per the 5 pm NY close.

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    Thank you for the tip - could you be more clear on the description of this patter? Maybe post more cases. Inform you
    My PC is off now, later I'll post it

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    Thank You for the share. Instantly checked it to the DAX and it appears to work. .

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    Here are the installations per the Dashboard upgrade at 5 pm Eastern/NY Close. image
    As for dashboard user how do you shoot weekly and monthly signals. Because the candles not yet been closed for the week or month so do you wait till it closes or you take it as it comes?

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    I understand this will be utilized just on daily, weekly and monthly, but I tried it on M5 and it works fairly well in the event that you would like to scalp or scalp . Tradingview was utilized by me. All transactions are from now till back approx. 1-2 weeks. No cherry picking. I didnt followed any indiors or listen to fashion, market structure, price action, news etc. so theres room for advancement. I just tried to find valid Type1 setups. ... Like I said with keeping attention to price action theres much possible, but trading this entry process blind its...
    Those are fine outcomes David7. Thanks for sharing them with us. I had been planning to get to the M5 at some point and your post confirmed my expectation.

    That sessions were you trading and what hours. That usually makes a difference when trading the M5. If you decide to post your general trading windows, please specify which time zone you used or post them in GMT-0 so folks don't get confused. Thanks for believing.

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    Looks like a few new opportunities on the Daily will (. . .may) be setting up at 5 pm today.

    (EURNZD maybe )
    (GBPNZD maybe )

    there are a few additional kind 2's but they seem questionable. Also keep in mind it is not a signal candle before the new day begins. Trade intelligent and realize that a few of those pairs are highly connected. Factor that into your risk. And. . .some are already in inflection zones around the H4 and are showing divergence on a number of indiors. For me, that implies that I should keep in mind where the initial move began, where it is now, and to keep my ceases tight.

    The EURGBP is ambivalent but helps a bit in determining that is better for me, the GBPCAD or even the EURCAD. I will proceed with all the GBPCAD and see what happens.

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    can anyone please tell me is it not a valid market sign / look at yesterday's candle rejection from top to bottom and now going down??? Is it fine??? image
    I am telling everyone again. Technical analysis all great we use them however they're not powerful alone you will need to watchout for news as well. When there is a crude oil stock news soon stay out of CAD pairs wait till news settle down. Dont follow technicals blindly. It can turn out positive to you but why to risk it. There is loads of pairs and there is trade everyday. Our goal is to ride the waves not figure where the tide starts. Keep your eye on the news in addition to your own technicals and also you dont need to wonder why it didnt work out.

    It is very probable that CADCHF resumes its movement to greater but that has nothing to do with this setups.

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    I would like to ask more experience traders around when you move break even or trailling?