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thread: Hcruces Trading Journal ---Live trades

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    Hcruces Trading Journal ---Live trades

    Hello, just a brief description about my self and my trading career... Ive been doing FX for over 1yr and half... so obviously im just getting my toes wet. I love trading and im about the charts nearly all the day 5 days per week. Lots of methods tried but obviously the only 1 that has worked so far has been my very own method. I used a lot of fundamentals like Trend lines, pivot points, Fib's, SR, price action, candle patterns and chart patterns. Ive decided to start my own diary to keep track of my trades, so I come up with my trading plan and therefore that I stick with my plan. like they say. . .Plan your trade, trade your plan. So I dont know if anybody will be interested in following my diary but I figured I would do it for my own good... so here we go! Wish me luck

    Currency pairs I exchange


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    Short Eur/Usd

    Entrance @ 148.40
    Stop Decline @ 148.70
    TP @ 148.10 or I may let it run more


    Entrance @ 158.41
    SL @ 158.70
    TP @ 158.00 or may let it run

    Both were on tredline resistance. Eur/Jpy was on 61.8percent of the previous up/down move. Eur/Usd Appears to be on a correction going down to 147.50 imo

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    Took profit in Eur/usd @ 148.14

    I Made a pending order set at 148.10 to buy and scalp up It 20 pips... Eur/Jpy still open

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    Shorted EUR/USD

    Entrance @ 148.75

    TP: 1.4820 unless something indies other wise.

    SL: 149.05

    Ill begin posting charts soon...

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    Only a quickie to wish you all the best on your diary

    Kind Regards

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    Thanks! And hope to get some feed back!

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    Entry 211.80

    TP @ 212.50
    TP 2 @ 213.00

    SL @ 211.40

    Tred line support, Fib support and 200ema support at 211.80. We'll see what happens.... Eur/Usd order open... Will put a tighter SL. Over the line. And I might bring my TP into 148.50

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    CLOSED Eur/Usd play whilst favorable. . .not looking too good . I could re enter around 149.00 to get a scalp

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    Hi there!
    I really appreciate your effort in sharing your knowledges and perspectives about forex.

    Warmest regards

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    Thanks a lot! Not beginning so sexy thou!