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    Leons Journal

    Heres what I tender and was thinking when I left this trade. This was a great one, lol. There certainly not all like that.

    EDIT: If if if. That would have been a great one.

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    With this screenshot I made 2 trades, The very first one I cant comment much about, I chased a greater summit and god knows what else and required a long. Fortunately I came to my sences very quickly and shut out for only the reduction of my spread.

    The second was and is the type of thing that I did yesterday and wish that I could do always. The yellow line is that the resistance which I established my commerce on, then when the decrease valey was made I got in. 23 pips after spread... Once more there was to be made though. Maby a trailing stop would be a thought? Or close when a HH/LL in the contrary direction is made? Heres the pic. .


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    I'll continue to use this exact same demo account for my transactions.

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    Just as a note...
    The reason I obsess about missed pips is it is preached to let your winners run. I would love to be in a position to perform that idealy.

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