Mig bank connection problems

thread: Mig bank connection problems

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    Mig bank connection problems

    Does anybody else having these relationship problems?

    Just wish to know, because I've other MT4 live accounts from some other businesses, and they works just fine, so it cannot be issues in MY connections.

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    Mig bank live chat said that they do not have any problems, also said that it must be internet connections issue, but I believe in Finland these internet connections problems are in history, something like 10 years ago we had a online connection troubles, in 2011 we do not have internet connection problems.
    I've broadband 25/1Mb and never ever problems with links, and my internet provider is greatest in Finland, so I believe MIG actually cannot use this sort of explanations anymore, those belongs to ago.
    And like I said, no problems with Alpari for example, and the two are Metatrader4.

    Please report here ANY brokers strange behavior!!!

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    No problems for me personally at MIG.

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    Last time when I had problems with was that I could not open any transactions in hole afternoon.
    Everything was working fine, but might just not open any transactions, therefore contacted themand didn't understand what was the problem, and they said they send instructions to fix that problem.
    Plus they ship PDF of my diary. LOL.
    Humorous people.

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    Haha I agree, their support is somewhat funny sometimes

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    Hi I have noticed since Mig went to 5 digit broker that (and it may just be me) my platform runs very slow and more than not collapses or has intense lag. I am also running Brocco futures on Demo and have no issues with them. Both platforms are running concurrently and the difference is quite obvious. I have put my pubs history to 500
    And dropped indiors from my charts one by one, went to the extent of running one chart with minimum propriety ind's. I am running Kaspersky protection, I know this runs a top CPU but when I close Mig and run Brocco with a full pair of Ind'so on three displays - no problem! I have talked to Mig relating to this denial was the activity of this day. Anybody else have this issue?

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    18 times so far today, No connection MIG BANK.

    Alpari 0 issues.

    Must be serious issues in MIG BANK.