Does Dukascopy take risk against their clients? -
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thread: Does Dukascopy take risk against their clients?

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    Again to sum it up, you need:

    - Raw pricing (no more mark-up/'core' pricing executable streaming liquidity)
    - Time slicing/block set to a maximum of 100ms
    - Transparent liquidity
    - 4.1: Best being, having the ability to pick and choose one LP's
    - 4.2: Second best, using at least the ability to select between revealed and none-disclosed liquidity, also to imply, having the ability to choose between Bank and none-Bank liquidity
    - And also, to only be matched via HubGiveUp routing having the ability to select your CP/CP-hub routing.

    [b]And finally,...
    So in other words, MB Trading for it all. Forex and futures, and everything you recorded.

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    Could you describe what a fake ECN mean? And why would you think that way?