Whos left? A list of U.S. forex brokers
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thread: Whos left? A list of U.S. forex brokers

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    Whos left? A list of U.S. forex brokers

    As we understand the u.s Foreign Exchange broker market is becoming smaller last week, so I put togther a list of retail Foreign Exchange broker that abandoned in the u.s.


    The brokers ABOVE er to small, medium and large investors also look like MB TRADING is prime to get an FXCM take more than there Foreign Exchange divison because it's very little compare to there future business

    The brokers BELOW er to medium to large investors and require a much bigger deposit


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    what's the rogues gallery
    my mistake....

    Does nt leave much choice does it, yet the US is filled with major Banks and institutions
    some might believe those in charge in the US do not want their citizens having the ability to trade the markets

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    There's also unregulated brokers. Trader's way seems to have a fantastic reputation

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    ATC Brokers. I dont think they are just a IB for FXCM anymore and they have a UK website.
    They are nevertheless a IB for fxcm here from the u.s.

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    You ought to be laughing at the fact that you exchange using a US broker

    Yes, FXCM is surely accountable to the rule of law. The money that they make breaking it far surpasses the penalties. I'm convinced FXCM is in some politician's pocket. That's why I keep my money in my bank and only transfer what is required to exchange, which is 10 percent of what is required in america. I'm still just risking 2% per transaction. The only means the leverage law changes risk is by INCREASING IT by requiring individuals to have more money held within an unprotected US broker account. How EXACTLY does FXCM protect my funds? I just executed a transaction on GBYJPY to get .25 lots with a 40 pip stop. I'm risking 2%. I just moved $100 of my $5,000 forex account, which I keep in MY BANK from the US to my offshore broker. To do this using a US broker, I'd need $1,000 moved over. However, it's OK since the US shields my cash Sure hope I do not need to hedge the place or put in to it and want to close the latter commerce original Oh wait, I can do that.

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    there's also unregulated overseas brokers. Trader's way seems to have a fantastic standing
    Traders way does have a great rep with some traders. But they have fees for withdrawals and deposits that I presume offset losses on their reduced spreads.

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    The real question should be who is next in line for a takeover

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    Citi and ATC, but who's the new player? I forget, one of those Japanese outfits.

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    Has anyone used Tradestation? I pleased except for the spread on GBPJPY and have been for 11 months using Oanda.

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    Phillip Futures is going to supply MT4 trading to USA customers soon. Reportedly...