Is it worth your time to contest a non-executed order

thread: Is it worth your time to contest a non-executed order

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    Is it worth your time to contest a non-executed order

    Hey , I had an order pending to market the Eur/USD over the weekend. As soon as I opened my account now, I discovered that the price had crossed over my desired price that should have implemented the order, but did not. I have attached a screenshot. This has occurred to me in the past and they all say is that there was not enough liquidity. Fine, but I have also lost transactions in similar conditions. Therefore it seems like they find a means to have liquidity around when the trade goes against mepersonally, although not enough when it's in my favor!!

    My issue is, how frequently do you guys contact the broker to dispute something like this? And in what situation would you open a case/audit within your brokers outfit?


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    Hey all, I had an order sell the Eur/USD over the weekend....
    I believe your broker has a valid point, sometimes there is just not enough liquidity. Guess what the big guys do, they wait for the correct time with enough liquidity in the markets to dump their orders. For us small guys it's not such a concern but start of the week and also fast markets will just not have enough liquidity occasionally.

    Get over it, it's one from a countless trades that you will take on your lifetime (if you stay with trading).

    Accept that sometimes there isn't any liquidity in the markets.

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    Personally, I don't contend against such cases, but I know plenty of traders who do. The best thing would be to read the conditions of Agreement to see exactly what their policy is about pending orders as well as liquidity.