one more thing.. Metatrader question

thread: one more thing.. Metatrader question

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    one more thing.. Metatrader question

    Can I add more crosses to metatrader?
    I've two computers in one of them I've NZDUSD cross in the MT4 menu and at the other I don't have it.
    Is there a way to add stocks to MT4?
    I understand its not the ideal forum but perhaps someone can advise on similar appliions like MT4 for TA of stocks.


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    Could I include more crosses to metatrader?
    AFAIK the only way to include extra crosses, stocks, etc. to MT4 is by finding a broker that provides for the feeds...

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    thank you

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    Hello idobrickner,

    try this provider, they have some of the major US stocks in their charts. (MT4 based).

    Hope that is what u r searching for.