Why not trade on fridays?
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thread: Why not trade on fridays?

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    Why not trade on fridays?


    How come I have read in many places, that fridays isn't a good day to put trades??

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    Junior Member jtteka92's Avatar
    Hello... How come I have read in many areas, that fridays isn't a good day to put trades??
    I believe every day provides oportunities, I do commerce on fridays and its exactly the same for me personally, however, yea market closes before... cautious by making your orders opened

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    There are numerous important things about Fridays:

    * The market closes at 4:00 pm NYT until Sunday afternoon 5:00 pm NYT
    * You generally don't want to carry open positions to the weekend (unless you are prepared for the possible activity - good or bad) coming to the new week. Most individuals don't have that crystal ball
    * You will have carry interest or cost possible
    * Friday day's are chop and slop because most trader's are considering other things

    There are more, but I still hope you get the idea... If you would like to exchange the London and Morning NY session moving into Friday, FINE, but you ought to try to be out by 11:00'm NYT.

    Hope this helps

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    How about not transaction! For me personally monday is the worst if I look back...

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    How about not trading at all? Adequate breakeven, and you're in the top 5% of traders (supposing we give credit to the urban legend which claims 95 percent of traders lose their cash trading FX).
    After I read a story about a poet who has not written any poems nonetheless, since he believed all that poetry can tell us had been told by Apollinaire.

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    Most traders take profit on Friday. It's possible to trade on Friday, if you use HTF.

    wats HTF?

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    wats HTF?
    In the context I guess (s)he supposed large(er) timeframe.

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    oh thanks

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    How about not trading in any way? Decent breakeven, and you are in the top 5 percent of traders
    LOL!! This is great!

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    Firstly; hurvinek : LOL

    And onto my ideas...
    How about not trade mondays! For me monday is the worst if I return...
    Hi SB, I know a whole group of traders first hand via a trader-training-course I accepted that frequently trade just Tu/Wed/Thur. Part of their motto is Don't let your requirement is exceeded by your greed. And before believing they are just getting buy in life, last Wednesday trade for one of the chaps was14K that day's commerce. . .but he's been in this since 1999 so he has quite the account(s). He takes a four day weekend nearly every week to be with the wife. . .and he's really only trading mostly from 7am Eastern, to 11am Eastern these 3 days off 10 minute charts. His system is a breakout following engulfing candle installation. No indiors aside from candles. But i digress.

    Anyway, I do chart studies on Mon and Fri, and if there are setups per my current rules, I will carefully enter the trade on Monday, but seldom on Friday. Although I'm currently 7 for 7 favorable NFP Fridays taking out some pips out of the market thanks mostly to simply having BloombergTV going on my laptop next to my trade station and taking things as they are declared in actual time.