A quotdoablequot way to take a $300 account to $1 million in 45 months -
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thread: A quotdoablequot way to take a $300 account to $1 million in 45 months

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    Did you know that you can take $300 and make $1 million in your trading in only 45 weeks by doing something that's actually doable? This can be accomplished by averaging 20 percent per month. Thus, you think 20 percent per month is unrealistic? You think earning $1 million in 45 months on a beginning trading account of $300 is unrealistic? Well, read on!

    Below is an article I came across about 5 years ago of which I printed out and put into my trading folder. I have actually condensed it for this post, otherwise it would be longer than it is here. I would like to first...
    Just look at Choros ribbon / first page and then 502 / - there is answer. Question is if it is true /I didnt personally see account results/ but I think that it can be done - but only one from thousands...

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    OK... let us take that $300 to 1000.

    How about beginning there....

    After one has been analyzing the market for a couple of decades, one should know that the excel spreadsheet fantasies are overly simplified. And they rarely (not) account for,... um... losses.

    I mean, you've been a member here for 6 decades. In that time, anyone should at least know the types of answers this type of post will generate.

    Bet you are entire account at 200:1 on every trade ?? Really ??

    Do not attempt this at home kids.

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    Ok, allow me to guess... a broker started this thread.

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    Trading begins at 2 PM Eastern time???

    What Currency Market universe do you trade in?

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    Can you see HOW REAL the potential of the Forex really is?

    True only in newspapers. Do you know just how long 45 month is? In the way you will have numerous lumps and traps from the market, broker, your loved ones, or even yourself. Or even The End of Days in coming years.

    So don't bother to calculate just how much you can earn from forex, rather than to calculate just how much cash you willing to loss.

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    Look! It's a pig!

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    It is do-able but I would go for another egy.

    I took $300 to $26,000 by following 1% a day and compounded this is great and functions if done correctly.

    You use 10:1 leverage and aim for 15-25 pips a day and you've got it.

    1% would only take approximately 815 days to make $1mil.

    But this isn't likely to take place, there'll be trade size limits and plogical effects, it simply wont happen.

    If you're more patient it's possible but you are not likely to receive 815 trades right in a row.

    Good luck in Any Event