does anyone else not close losing trades?
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thread: does anyone else not close losing trades?

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    does anyone else not close losing trades?

    I think someone else do the same. . .let's chat

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    Sorry. I am not the world's best trader but I am proficient in cutting my losses. I hate closing transactions. However, I do it. It seems to hurt now. It is my main tool, you notice, my funds. Envision a carpenter without the tools.

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    I hedge my Rankings sometimes that close

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    I am in a computer game. My character must reach the treasure at the opposite side of the forest. On the way, I meet with potential assailants. I am able to choose if to battle. If I decide to fight, throughout the fight it's fairly clear how much harm assailant has done to the other. There is definitely one of two results. Either I win the battle or else they hurt me 1%. If they hurt me by greater than 1% I disengage from the fight and (surprisingly) they leave me alone.

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    I like to hedge than shutting transactions , maximum times it makes me happy but occasionally I lost my equity.

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    This is a ribbon that needs to be expanded on, its all plogy. For you to not be in a position to close a losing trade. Then you've been succumbed to some emotions ruling your own mind. Https:// The man on this blog which I found, talks all about the plogy of gambling. This could be a topic im sure he'd join in on.

    Happy trading all

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    I was able to when I exchange my first live account. It was a terrible memories. At least I learn that an important lesson that day. Simply close it when it already reach daily goal prevent loss.

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    I don't shut my losing transactions manually! When I open any new trade place then I utilize SL and TP based on this market context! After launching, I just await the result either its TP or SL! By the way, in the off days of market I do analysis of my live trading mistakes!

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    does anyone else not close losing trades?
    Yes - lots of people don't.

    They are one of the 95% of retail forex traders whose losses are keeping the brokers in company and maybe covering the profits of the 5 percent of winners, too.

    Beneath and behind most of the reasons and justifiions they generally tend to provide is an underlying fear of or embarrassment at being wrong (and they have a tendency to be the traders who really do look at it in terms of right and wrong, which is an element of the underlying problem).

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    1. Your system's profitability
    If your system was tested to become profitable, you should not worry about clicking the close trade for loss button. Simply follow your system and rules.

    2. Entries
    If you continue getting into bad transactions, consider being more conservative in your entries. Your otherwise -30 pips trade would maybe be -10 pip position should you do this.

    3. Know your possible maximum loss per commerce
    Before putting on a trade, you should have figured out that your maximum possible loss according to your position size and stop loss. 'Am I familiar with taking $500 loss at 30 pips stop loss.' If you aren't comfortable with it, then make alteration to it immediately instead of waiting for it to happen during trading.