does anyone else not close losing trades? -
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thread: does anyone else not close losing trades?

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    I think somebody else do the same. . .let's chat
    yeah, let's talk about tied up funds, negative swap rates, margin calls, and brokers liquidating our positions.

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    I scale to a situation usually, and as rather of individual SL has a equity %loss SL that I use.

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    That really depends on the trader and the situation on the market. Occasionally one should stick to their choice and await the shift in market direction. Other times each trader must know when to cut their losses and go.

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    Is anyone willing to think about an entirely unorthodox approach that has gained me 48% profit in 2016? Yes, in the heads of all the gurus I am a heretic, since I really do
    not use stops. Here is the thinking, in short. Spread your funding over 3 or 4 sub accounts. Set your default entry order to a little amount, equivalent to 0.0001 of the
    capital level in each sub account. Set your T/P at 35 pips, the typical move prior to a correction. Establish the prevailing trend in D1, H4, H1, M15 and M5. When all these charts are confluent concerning fashion direction, wait for a pullback at M5 and put in your position based on this trend. This is the most conservative entry and may be made a little more risky (more regular entries) along with other added techniques not discussed here.

    In short, you have spread your risk over 3 or 4 accounts, restricted how much you're threatened by a severe market movement, by using small orders, diversified your position by taking multiple transactions, and entered with the ideal probability in your favor. If the market goes against you, and you have entered a pretty extreme long-term price rankings, the price usually goes a short distance and then comes back to support you. Remember that you can't know which currency pair will move first, and how far, so that you average out with diversifiion and harvest the crops as they ripen. In the long run, markets constantly return to their point of source, if you're able to wait them out, and shooting little positions enables me to tolerate even 1,000 pip moves on certain positions and still be profiting on additional ones while I wait for correction. Consider it for a little while, without prejudging, and test it in your practice account.

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    Some people do, I've seen people do quite nicely. Finally they pretty much universally take a huge hit to your own account, unless they're trading with little leverage.